The Phalaenopsis

From a base of thick, glossy leaves, a stem extends like a calm yoga practice. Up there in height, huge flowers appear at the end of the branch. They are snow white, orange or purple to lilac and brown red. Sometimes they have speckles and dashes. Because of the flower shape, the Phalaenopsis is also called the butterfly orchid. The originally Greek name, Phalaina Opsis, means: "resembling butterflies". The flower symbolises pure friendship and is therefore a perfect gift.

Colors your environment

The nickname of Phalaenopsis, butterfly orchid, owes the plant to the shape of the flowers. They look a bit like fluttering, elegant butterflies.

The Phalaenopsis is available in pink, purple, salmon pink, white, yellow and orange. In addition to solid colors, she does not turn her hand to a pattern of speckles and stripes. It can also be recognized by its fleshy roots, thick and shiny leaves and high flower stems.

The Phalaenopsis is not only beautiful on the outside, its symbolism is also irresistible. How about elegance, femininity and connection?

Symbolism that makes you happy not only yourself, but also someone else.

Our pride, the Phalaenopsis.

Colors your environment
Months of bloom
Few care requirements
Fits every style and atmosphere
So many colors and patterns

Phalaenopsis in the wild

The origin of the Phalaenopsis is in Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia. In nature, the orchid mainly grows on trees, without extracting nutrients from the them. You will also find this orchid in highly air-permeable soil, such as humus. And on rocks, usually near rivers and streams. A strong plant that has adapted to difficult conditions. The beautiful colourful flower attracts insects for pollination and produces offspring through seed.


Enjoy 3 months of flowering with our care tips

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