Care tips

Enjoy 3 months of flowering with our care tips.


Light and temperature

A Phalaenopsis likes a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. Yellow leaves can be a sign of an excessively bright location. Dropped buds and dark spots in the leaves are the result of poor light. Also make sure that the orchid is not in a draft or next to the heating. The minimum room temperature for a Phalaenopsis is 16 °C, it feels most comfortable at a temperature of 20 °C to 22 °C with a maximum of 24 °C.

Water and humidity

Watering your Phalaenopsis once a week is enough. The best way is to submerge it in a bucket of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then let the pot drain well, because a Phalaenopsis does not like wet feet. Preferably give rainwater instead of lime-rich tap water. If you use a watering can, pour the water on the soil, not on the plant.



Because potting soil contains little nutrition, it is wise to fertilise twice a month. Preferably between March and October. Fertilising is easy with special liquid plant food for orchids.

After flowering

Do you want your faded Phalaenopsis to bloom again? Cut the branches at the second eye from the bottom. An eye is a small thickened piece in the branch. Then place the plant in a cool place, which encourages the plant to create new branches. Never cut off roots that grow outside the pot. If necessary carefully fold them under the leaves.


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