Vivent Biosensors

Maarel Orchids will work with Biosensors from the Swiss company Vivent. We can use biosensors to monitor electrical signals that, if abnormalities occur, can indicate stress in the plant.

By means of electrophysiology, we can determine changes and link them to the cultivation data. This allows us to develop models to gain more insight into the crop.

This way we get real-time feedback when the plant experiences stress. Stress can be related to climate, irrigation, screens, transition situations from high to low irradiation and when using LED lighting.

We would like to gain insight into how the plant reacts to LED lighting. Especially given our recent step in installing LED lighting in various departments. The transition from vegetative to a generative crop will also play a role in how the crop responds to light. Ultimately, we want to optimize the cultivation techniques we apply and we hope that the results of these Biosensors will provide us with answers.

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