The market is in full swing and that leads us to reconsider the range to be cultivated for the future. You have to think far ahead when growing Phalaenopsis, because we have to order at least 2 years in advance. In addition to flower colour, number of buds and number of branches, we are increasingly looking at components such as temperature tolerance and protection against diseases and pests.

Because sustainable cultivation and the loss percentage have become important parameters, we take into account the fact that we grow varieties with which we can achieve a good end result with biological crop protection. Our cultivation regime is based on the reuse of irrigation water, so that we do not need to add ground or tap water and the collection of rainwater is sufficient.

In addition to the quality aspects, we must of course also ensure that our range is sufficiently versatile. We are therefore constantly looking for varieties with strong market potential.

For this reason, we are currently paying a lot of attention to how we remain attractive within the color palette, or should we become more attractive. Should we add more convincing, bright colors or is there a development in the pastel shades? Questions that we ask our customers in the search for the future assortment. Not only the color palette, but also the flower size and flower shape are up for discussion.

We ask our customers to provide input to make the right choices. Whereas in recent years we have sought improvement within the cultivated color mix, we are now asking ourselves whether we should not go for a more colorful whole?

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